Mass: Credo
from The Imaginary World of Wild Order Text by Brenda Shaughnessy featuring the Choir of Trinity Wall Street and Novus NY, Julian Wachner conducting
From the Bones to the Fossils
featuring Jeffrey Zeigler From the Sound of Science Album. Collaboration with Sxip Shirey
Data Hums
from the Hubble Cantata featuring Astrophysicist Mario Livio The Washington Chorus and The Brooklyn Youth Chorus Text by Royce Vavrek
Listen Quiet
featuring Jeffrey Zeigler and Jason Treuting
Xiao Qing's Aria from Gilgamesh
featuring Anthony Roth Costanzo, Text by Cerise Jacobs, conducted by Julian Wachner
Once Upon a Time
from The Glass Box featuring The Young People's Chorus of NYC and Yale Choral Artists. Text by Royce Vavrek, conducted by Jeffrey Douma
Prayer from Padre Kino
The Colorado featuring Roomful of Teeth, Jeffrey Zeigler and Glenn Kotche
from Oceanic Verses featuring Helga Davis, with the BBC orchestra
St Peter and the Chains
from Oceanic Verses featuring Helga Davis and Chris Burchett Text by Donna Di Novelli, with Novus NY conducted by Julian Wachner
Coney Island
from Aging Magician featuring Brooklyn Youth Chorus. Text by Rinde Eckert conducted by Dianne Berkun-Menaker