Gilgamesh Launches

November 8, 2016

This weekend is it! After three years of work, my opera, Gilgamesh, which is part of a larger trilogy called Ouroboros, is opening this weekend in Boston. Please buy tickets here: Diving into the legend of Madame Whitesnake has been a truly fascinating journey. Cerise’s text is deeply poetic and her writing contains numerous layers and references that both gives me a clear structure while still leaving me a great deal of freedom to dive in fully to create my first fully operatic work. I love the concept of the Ouroboros Trilogy and that the recurring themes and motifs that occur in each opera are interpreted uniquely by each composer. Gilgamesh is structured so that there is a propulsive drive throughout the first three acts. It is then met with a deeply meditative epilogue that allows the audience to ponder the drama that has occurred. Leitmotifs are assigned to emotions and actions, rather than to characters, thus binding them in cyclical patterns that determine and unlock their fate. Here is a picture from Act II with the Abbot and Gilgamesh from Michael Count’s and S. Katy Tucker’s stunning work.

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