Old Man and the Sea
featuring Jeffrey Zeigler, Helga Davis, Text by Royce Vavrek with Direction by Robert Wilson
from Yoani Song Cycle featuring Eve Gigliotti, Jeffrey Zeigler and Gyan Riley, Text by Royce Vavrek
Aging Magician
featuring Rinde Eckert and The Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Text by Rinde Eckert with Direction and Co-Design by Julian Crouch
featuring Anthony Roth Costanzo, Hila Plitmann, Chris Burchett, Heather Buck, Julian Wachner, Text by Cerise Jacobs with Direction by Michael Counts
featuring The Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Text by Brenda Shaughnessy with Direction by R.B. Schlather
The Hubble Cantata
featuring VR by Eliza McNitt, Nathan Gunn, Jessica Rivera, Mario Livio, 1B1, Novus NY, Brooklyn Youth Chorus, The Washington Chorus, and Julian Wachner, Text by Royce Vavrek
Listen Quiet
Video by S. Katy Tucker featuring Jeffrey Zeigler and Jason Treuting
Room No 35
from Labyrinth Installation Concertos Art work by Erika Harrsch, featuring Cellist Maya Beiser with Direction by Michael McQuilken
from Oceanic Verses, Film by Ali Hossaini featuring Helga Davis
Last Hymn
from Sounds, Art Work Carmen Kordas featuring Pablo Rieppi