exuberant…an extreme expression of female agency.” Art and Culture Today

magnificent drumming…successful experiment…pitched towards the ecstatic sense of wonder in the natural world…a showcase for lovely and refined music making by composers and performers alike.” Musical America

Cast & Production

A large-scale immersive theater, music, and visual installation, featuring Francisco J. Nuñez  & the The Young People’s Chorus of New York City.  Composed by Paola PrestiniNetsayi, and Sarah Kirkland Snider.  Projections and concept by Ali Hossaini.  Lighting design and scenic elements by Maruti EvansMichael McQuilken, director / interactivity & concept creator. Performed at the BAM Fisher.

A National Sawdust Projects production (formerly VisionIntoArt).


“While I thought I was learning how to live
I had been learning how to die.” (from Epiphany: Libera Me)

How does the unknowingness of death, life’s only certainty, influence our birth and life? How does death, when it does come, influence our life?

In an exuberant ode to life filled with live music, Epiphany sends its audience roaming through labyrinthine tunnels of video, light, and reflection to celebrate the ecstasies of existence. The Young People’s Chorus of New York City—joined by soulful Zimbabwean singer Netsayi—and a string quartet perform music by Paola Prestini, Netsayi,  and Sarah Kirkland Snider,  backing surreal eight-channel video by Ali Hossaini. As 3D imagery pulsates with epic chronologies, Aztec, Zoroastrian, and Tibetan texts whirl in ritualistic constellations, merging with musical epiphanies that reveal the epic connectedness of all things.

To create the installation four projection screens are arranged into a square. The audience is contained within the square, which becomes an immersive video environment. Choir and musicians can be located within the screens or in their usual location. Commissioned by Jill Steinberg and the Young People’s Chorus of NYC.