Solo Works

Labyrinth Installation Concertos (2015) 60′

Room No. 35 for solo cello and electronics, and House of Solitude for solo violin and electronics, 30′ each. Commissioned by the Krannert Center for the Arts and VisionIntoArt. Written for Maya Beiser and Cornelius Dufallo. Film by Erika Harrsch and Carmen Kordas.

Klein Competition Works (2015) 16′ (4′ Each)

“Marie-Curie” for violin, “Heloise” for viola, “Ophelia” for cello, and “Mata Hari” for bass.

Oceanic Fantasy (2015) 12′

For solo violin, commissioned by Francesca de Pasquale.

Eight Takes (2014) 8′

For solo cello. Commissioned by The New York Philharmonic for their 2014 Biennial.

Walk Forward (2010) 8′

For drumset and electronics. Commissioned by Cory Hills.

Labyrinth (2011) 11′

For violin and electronics. Written for Cornelius Dufallo.

Day of the Dead excerpt (2008) 8′

For cello and backing tracks.

Last Hymn (2007) 7′

For vibraphone and electronics. Written for Pablo Rieppi.

Inngerutit (2007) 5′

For clarinet and electronics. Written for Richard Mannoia.

Limpopo Songs (2005) 12′

Stephen Gosling, piano. Written for Speranza Scappucci.

Deja Que Salga (2004) 10′

For solo piano. Commissioned by Alejandro Vela.

Deja Que Salga (2004) 10′

For solo cello. Written for Jeffrey Zeigler.

Oceano (2003) 7′

Wendy Law, cello

Samuel Solomon, Nightsong (2002) 6′

For solo five-octave marimba (four-octave version available).

Sympathique (2001) 6′

For solo viola. Recorded by Melia Watras.

Phoenix (2000) 5′

For solo violin.